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Rowupdating dataitem null

You need to hook up the Command Name to your button and Grid View's On Item Command handler.

The ...about Gridview rowdeleting or rowdeleted events?

I have a Grid View and I set the Data Source to an array of custom objects and call Data Bind() in the Page_Load (every time postback or not).

In the Row Deleting event I want to access the Data Item of the deleted row so I can call the Delete method on the custom object.

It's something you may want to include in your data access layer, independant of your UI and pass it the corret set of parameters while performing your delete.

Datagrid(1.1) to Grid View(2.0) and using the Row Updating event how to extract the values from the controls.

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But if I enable that line, neither the deleted nor the deleting events are fired. If anyone has any suggestions, I would be very grateful! Handling control events while in edit mode for a gridview control I have a dropdownlist and checkbox in a single column of a gridview.

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