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The scriptwriters killed him off in particularly dramatic fashion, having him run down with a car while saving his wife Pam (played by Victoria Principal, who you see in the clip above). But his character death was already an accomplished fact. Bobby Ewing was killed on-screen, without any doubt what happened. Pop culture term describing a resolution of a bad situation wherein one wakes up to find ‘it was only a dream.’ Refers to an infamous season finale cliffhanger resolution of the 1980s prime-time TV soap opera in which the character (portrayed by Patrick Duffy), having been killed on-screen a year before, appears to his wife in the shower and cheerfully bids her ‘Good morning!

So, they decided to bring him back–by having it turn out that the entirety of the 1985-86 season was a dream in Pam’s head! They didn’t leave a question open, “Well, is he dead or isn’t he? ’ whereupon she realizes that the entire past season of the show was all a bad dream.

The three of them, Duffy says, account for half the screen time.

"The promise we were given by Cynthia [Cidre, the executive producer] is that we are integral to every episode." Ratings for Dallas 2012 are, by TNT standards, high and the network has already ordered a second season.

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon HARRY GLASSMAN has gone public with his feelings...They were considered artistically inferior to homegrown fare but were shown in peak time.Dallas was the biggest of the lot, for which Duffy politely thanks Terry Wogan, who made Dallas jokes his speciality. " cliffhanger at the end of season three made it on to the BBC Nine O'Clock News.He was a "young stud" hired to play the narrator in a dance troupe's school performances. He had never come across such beautiful women in his life and was delighted to see they had a habit of wandering around with very few clothes on. You never could do it on screen, so it was either post- or pre-, I'm not sure which, but kissing and everything like that."In short order, I fell in love with the artform and with her." There was a problem, however. "And I look over and my wife's welling up in tears. You've seen me do these scenes with Victoria before.' And she said: 'I just saw a look on your face I thought you only had with me.' It broke my heart. '" Duffy has a sincere but smooth way with heartbreaking intimacies that makes you wonder if his heart ever has been broken. In 1986, while he was back filming Dallas, his parents, Terence and Marie Duffy, were murdered by two young hoodlums in the bar they ran in Montana. And when they stepped in the bar with their guns, they shot him.

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Former DALLAS star VICTORIA PRINCIPAL has reportedly walked out on her husband of 21 years and has hired a security firm to keep the plastic surgeon away from her.

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