Maks chmerkovskiy erin still dating

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Maks chmerkovskiy erin still dating

I felt really good." Vanessa Lachey and Maksim Chmerkovskiy: 24/30Due to Maks' intense training and quest for perfection, Vanessa ended up experiencing a small injury, with the heel of the shoe cutting her left toe, lifting her entire nail. "I don't want to be a wuss," Vanessa said, before going on to deliver a seriously impressive fox trot.She was even described as "Eva Gardner with a little bit of Jessica Rabbit." Dayummm!Still, the couples came to dance, delivering another week of solid performances.Dare we say this may be the best crop of contestants in the show's recent history?!Indeed, the couple enjoyed several steamy embraces during the 10-week competition as they wowed judges and viewers alike with their sultry performances, while they even shared a non-choreographed smooch when they were declared the show's pair have both previously gushed about being paired up together, with 34-year-old returning pro Maks taking to Twitter prior to the finale to share: 'Wish I had another 100 weeks of dancing with @meryl_davis...'While the 28-year-old tells Us Weekly he's never seen his brother love anyone more than Meryl, he believes a romantic relationship wouldn't do their love justice - likening their's to a King Kong-type relationship.'She was good for him, but I feel it wouldn't do their love justice,' he explains.'One makeout session in the middle of the dance or to label it that they are a couple - it sounds great, but that's not what it is. The Ukrainian-born professional dancer only had eyes for his gorgeous Olympic champion ice-dancer partner during rehearsals, leading to speculation that their adoration for one another has turned into a romantic relationship He continued: 'She's precious, and he's gentle with her because he wants to see her shine and he won't want to hurt her.Their Viennese waltz ended the night on a high note, though Len said it was "a little sharp" for him.Still, they found themselves tied for the top spot once again.

But they turned that tension into a sexual one on the dance floor, with Carrie calling the performance "steamy." But it was, surprise surprise, "too raunchy" for Len.Drew Scott and Emma Slater: 20/30And we have the first injured celeb of the season!In a rehearsal for their jive, the reality star injured his hamstring and could barely walk on it.Frankie Muniz and Witney Carson: 23/30Franki's dealing with back pain after breaking his back in 2009."I pinched," the star, who has been doing cryotherapy, physical therapy and yoga to treat his back, said during their rehearsal, admitting he was nervous about their routine.

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Barbara Corcoran and Keo Motsepe: 17/30After coming in last place in week one, the mogul struggled with self-doubt at first, before committing to proving she is "capable." And she did prove it, with Len calling her tango "a little bit of a bounce-back." But even thought she was eliminated, at least Barbara has her "love affair" with Keo to remember fondly?