Knitting camps for adults dating a man recently released from prison

Posted by / 25-Mar-2016 11:36

Strung Along Retreats take place several times a year (almost always April, June and November) and provide a unique opportunity for knitters (and usually spinners) to indulge their interests and have an opportunity to fill their creative wells to the brim. We hold them at The Resort at Port Ludlow, and all the rooms have soaker/jacuzzi tubs and fireplaces, and all the food is about as far from regular hotel fare as you can get.

We work with the Resort’s executive chef on menus you’ll love, add optional wine flights and make sure it’s a knitterly event to remember.

I have swarmed with the masses over the latest yarns and techniques.Unless you are a knitter, you have probably never heard of Marshfiel,d Wisconsin, or its neighboring town of Pittsville.But knitters in-the-know recognize that Pittsville, Wisconsin, is home of Schoolhouse Press and its knitting guru, Meg Swansen, daughter of the late Elizabeth Zimmermann (often referred to as "EZ").This retreat has knitting and cooking, and is our only retreat this year that doesn’t have spinning. Judith, Stephanie and Chef Dan Ratigan will be your teachers, and you’ll spend a day with each of us.Stephanie (and Debbi) will work with you on knitting, Judith will be at her dyepots, and Dan will be in the kitchen, knives at the ready.

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