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One day he scared me so much and he told me that if he thought I would leave him he would start by killing my mom, my little sister, and then my brother.

I wanted to leave this life so bad, but I was told over and over the individual bones that would be broken in my body.

The emotional connection that I thought I had with him began to vanish in my heart. He told me that I had to quit school because I had to earn “us” more money. I had seen him beat up other girls before and I was afraid that would happen to me. I asked him what that was, and he said that they were clothes and I had to put them on because he need to take some photos of me.

I was so afraid, and once again I did what he told me to. Later that day he handed me a slip of paper with the name of a hotel with a room number on it.

In the beginning, it was a very difficult transition.

As s result of the past three years, I was a very mean and angry person and that presented itself daily at YFT.

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