Fifty shades of grey scenes online dating

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Fifty shades of grey scenes online dating

He is very surprised to hear from her, and is worried about her drunken state.She drunkenly insists on knowing his motives for sending the books while he insists on knowing exactly where she is.He talks about his mother Grace (a doctor), father Carrick (a lawyer), older brother Elliot (construction worker), and little sister Mia (studying cooking in Paris).Ana talks a little about her mother Carla (living with husband #4 in Georgia) and her step-father Ray (lives in Montesano, her birth father died when she was young).We meet Ana and Kate’s friend, Jose Rodriguez, who is a photographer and has a crush on Ana (though she is not interested in him in that way at all).Later in the week, Ana goes to her part-time job at a hardware store called Clayton’s and is surprised when Christian walks in.

Feeling sick, she goes outside with Jose, who makes a pass at her.Paul, the son of the owner of Clayton’s, comes into the store and gives Ana a rather intense hug which immediately puts Christian off.Paul retreats and Christian and Ana discuss doing a photo shoot for Kate’s article the next day.They embrace, and she tries to kiss him, but he refuses her and warns her to stay away from him and that he is not the right guy for her.They part ways and Ana is very hurt and tells herself that she will not be seeing him again.

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She wonders why he would send her such an expensive gift despite rejecting her.