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These minorities have been persecuted by the Communist government over the decades, and have fought for independence at times.In fact, the BBC recently reported that the Chinese government has banned Muslim officials, teachers and youth in East Turkestan (Xinjiang) from fasting in Ramadan, and has limited visits to mosques.Arranged marriage is more of a cultural belief than a religious belief, but many religions across the world routinely conduct arranged marriages.Most Islamic, Indian and Asian countries believe in arranging the marriages of their children.The government has held 15 mass weddings for inter-sect couples from all over Iraq, with the most recent taking place last month at a club in western Baghdad once used by Saddam Hussein's army.While the Iraqi government doesn't track marriages bridging the two major Muslim sects, experts say mixed couples are on the rebound after a dramatic decline during the days of heavy violence.

Talib and his wife are among more than 1,700 newlywed couples who have accepted cash from a government program that encourages Sunnis and Shias to tie the knot.

Most marriages have the recommendation and approval of the father, who selects the spouse to benefit his daughter.

The marriage also should benefit the parents of both the bride and groom.

In the modern form of Hinduism, followers believe in arranged marriages, but with the consent of the bride and groom as well as the elders.

Most Middle Eastern countries that follow Islamic law or the Muslim religion believe in arranged marriages. Islamic followers believe that it is acceptable to arrange marriages by recommendation.

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Because according to the Islam doctrine it is a sin to have intercourse before marriage, most Islamic girls are virgins when they get married.