Dating a shy virgo man quentin tarantino dating

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He avoids people generally and is not particular about keeping up friends and acquaintances. But he is practical enough to know that life is full of ups and downs and since he likes new challenges his pragmatism is of great use to him. not so emotional about others and quite emotional about himself. Given his ambitiousness, a Virgo man is quite a dreamer. He is fine with someone else taking the lead, but only till he learns the tricks of the trade.

Yet he is dependent on them for one thing or the other. From there on he would prefer being the ultimate leader.

Here again I am at a loss on how to classify Virgo men into aggressive and passive categories because I have observed that Virgo men behave aggressively only when provoked or pushed. Cynicism: I have observed that 70% of Virgo men are cynical.

While in a conversation they might display interest in keeping it interactive, they usually spend time getting their point across. Sometimes being cynical can be a good thing because it can bring forth the zing required to achieve success. If used correctly, cynicism can be a great motivator.

He is not likely to be suspicious except when given a reason to doubt. He finds it difficult to stand someone else’s success, if that person is in the same field of work. Not only does he want everything from life, he also wants to be good at everything he does… Definitely not one to be satisfied with an ordinary life, he is perceptive enough to make do with low standards while he is struggling. Although I have mentioned his characteristic weakness earlier, I would like to elaborate on it here.

But he has the girth and determination to achieve his targets. His chief shortcoming is his disability to create and maintain relationships.

The best way to be around him is to ‘cut the fuss’.

He has a repulsion for flowery language or unnecessary emotional gestures.

Regarding his relationships he displays a secure and non-caring attitude. If at work or business his direct competition scores over him, our man can go green with envy. On relationship front, he can be extremely jealous if his girlfriend or wife displays interest in another man. Well, this question cannot be answered in a word or two as the list of his desires is endless.

If you are expecting scented love letters and sweet nothings from your lover… Maintaining a love relationship with a Virgo man is like being in a chemistry lab – everything has to be mixed in the right way in the right amount. To get the best out of your Virgo man you have to maintain the right amount of closeness and the right amount of distance with him. Overt display of emotions can turn him off, so keep everything subtle. If you are waiting for him to ask you out, chances are it won’t happen for a long long time.

Before dating a Virgo man you need to learn certain lessons about this guy and his nature.

As an employee, he will excel in any given task and will outdo his co-workers— firstly, as he is ambitious and secondly, because he is competitive.

He is also the one with bright ideas and solutions.

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A man who knows his mind and understands his needs – a man who frequently asks himself ‘what’s in it for me? He is the type of person who would take initiative only if he has a motive.