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After their fall the Guild was dissolved and all members were imprisoned.

One of the three major Dark Guilds and a member of the Balam Alliance.

The guild was virtually wiped out during the ensuing battle between it and Fairy Tail. They were supposedly disbanded by the Magic Council, but continued taking assassination missions and other illegal guild activities.

One of the three ruling Dark Guilds of the Balam Alliance made entirely of Demons from the Books of Zeref.

For many years they've kept silent, staying completely hidden from the world, but have recently started their movement by intruding Era, massacring the entire Magic Council along with 100 others and leaving many injured.

Though they comprised the smallest guild ever shown, with only six members, they had many Dark Guilds under them.

They made an attempt to seize Nirvana and use it to destroy the world, but they were defeated by the Allied Forces.

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Dark Guilds have S-Class level Mages, but it is unknown if the Mages in question are called "S-Class Mages".

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