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Christina ricci dating 2018

And though Christina Ricci has made her name as a blonde bombshell she managed to go even lighter.

He played host on Esquire Network's The Next Great Burger which aired summer of 2015.

“The sad truth is that it’s usually the other women who are not taking you seriously,” she states.

“The reason misogyny doesn’t really seem to lessen as much over time as other social problems is because I think women really buy into it and perpetuate it in a lot of ways.

The Amazon series follows the life of Zelda before she became Mrs. Scott Fitzgerald, a beautiful free-spirited Southern Belle who is said to have enchanted society with her poise and intelligence, as well as her knockout figure.

Zelda Fitzgerald and her Great Gatsby-penning husband are renowned as icons of the glamorous Jazz Age.

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The 36-year-old actress has enjoyed a string of Hollywood hits dating back to when she was a child star in Mermaids, opposite Cher, in 1990 – when she was just 10 years old – but nearly three decades later she still hasn’t earned the respect she deserves from Hollywood executives who scoff at her short stature.